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Carpentier manager 1921

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Georges Carpentier and his manager, François Dechamps, are coming to England to take part in the annual boxing programme promoted by Brighton’s most popular townsman, Mr Harry Preston.

On this occasion Deschamps will don the gloves with the genial Harry, who, in his prime was a great boxer.  Georges will be in his manager’s corner, while another world-famous fighter will second Mr. Preston. PALL MALL GAZETTE 14 Oct 1921

The star attraction was, of course, Georges Charpentier, middleweight champion of the world from 1920 to 1922, so here he is, in Brighton, in October 1921 with (according to the Gallica caption): 

De droite à gauche MM.] V. [Victor] Beyer, [Harry] Preston, [Georges] Carpentier, [François] Descamps [venus pour un tournoi de boxe à Brigthon : photographie de presse / Agence Rol

[From right to left Beyer, Preston, Charpentier, Descamps in Brigthon for a boxing match] 

Ah, that mythical city, Brigthon !

carpentier, preston and Deschamps 1921

Source / BnF

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Petanque in Brighton … and Hove

A southern French game similar to bowls but played, usually on a sand or gravel surface, with metal balls which are thrown toward the jack. (Oxford English Dictionary 2017)  Pronunciation:  Brit. /ˌpeɪˈtɒŋk/

Provençal pèd tanco «  pied fixé  » (au sol) (Le Grand Robert de la langue française 2001) [From the provençal “ped tanco” feet fixed to the ground.]

Le jeu de boules dénommé pétanque n’est pratiqué qu’à de petites distances, sans être assujetti à des règles précises.  (Nouveau Larousse universel 1948)*
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