Les Ateliers de Brighton

Atelier Feb 2020

Originally tucked away in Providence Place, but now chased out by re-development in London Road, this tiny shop has spread its wings and flown down to 165 Kings Road Arches.  It now goes under the name of Tutton and Young’s Atelier by the seaside.  Still a great choice for buying exquisite small works of art or booking into a course on embroidery, jewellery, drawing, painting and many more.

Atelier beside the seaside

Next stop should be perhaps one of the several Atelier de vin in Brighton.  The one below is at Seven Dials.

L'Atelier du Vin 7 Dials Sept 2021

If romance should blossom in L’Atelier du Vin, and wedding bells might be going to ring, the Atelier Gold Brighton is the place to go.  Stunning wedding gowns and a warm welcome from the couturière, Roxy, are waiting at 80B St James’s Street. 

However, before putting on the wonderful gown, the bride or the groom should be coiffed at Atelier 66 Hair Avenue at a discrete, unphotographed address in Dyke Road.  There she or he can benefit from a French blayage [hair colouring] or many other L’Oréal treatments.  The client can watch an introductory video – Le hair show – part of which, La masterclass, is essential viewing.

Not an atelier, but brilliantly named – Hair du Jour is run by French cousins, Stéphane Rault from Paris and Johan Barbaçon from Brittany, at 63 London Road.  Another gem of Anglo-French fusion.

Hair du jour 2 june 2020

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