Bonjour Brighton

Was this the shortest-lived Brighton periodical, ever?  Edition #1 appeared in May 2007.  Was there ever a #2?

Bonjour Brighton better

The magazine was bilingual and covered topics such as Que visiter à Brighton [What to visit in Brighton]; Tu tires ou tu pointes [petanque enthusiasts will recognize the reference]; Quoi de neuf en France with all the latest news about the hit parade and the 2007 presidential elections.

There is information about travelling on Eurostar.  The editors were cautious about this relatively new form of transport.  Along with their praise of the speed of the journey from Waterloo (2 hours 35 minutes in those far off days) they put a caveat:  Malgré les quelques retards, ce moyen de voyager est bon marché et rapide [despite some delays, the journey is cheap and quick].

Who were the editors? Fabien and Tony are, so far, men of mystery.  If you recognise them, do contact this site.

Bonjour Brighton editorial

The recipe of the month was bœuf bouguignon [prosaically translated by the editors as ‘beef stew’].  A very generous 4lbs (1.8kg) of beef is allowed for six servings, a quantity that would astonish many a meat-eater and would appall today’s vegetarians, vegans and Extinction Rebellion supporters.

The crossword is a very clever mix of French and English with français vertical [French Down] and ‘English horizontal’ [English Across].  But easy it is not.  No solution unfortunately.

Bonjour Brighton crossword corected

No magazine is complete without its ads.  Bonjour Brighton recommends Le Bon Bistrot in Newhaven which has a half-page advert.  Another advertiser is offering to go and do your shopping in France.  Alas that website can no longer be reached. You could contact the owner of a French gîte [holiday cottage] or, via Vos petites announces [Your small ads], buy a massage table from Adonada or swap French DVDs with Sylba.

Last but not least, the editors were great supporters of FIP (France International Paris), a radio station which was pirated into Brighton about that time (or which more in a later blog). Perhaps there was a connection there.  Who knows?  Do you?fin symbol


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