Brighton and Hove French Circle: Update

The Brighton and Hove French Circle prides itself on being one of oldest French Circles in the country.  But was it really founded in 1915 as we have always claimed?  Well, yes,

This little snippet seems to show that Antoine Désiré Joye, teacher of French and Pasteur of the French Protestant Church in Queensbury Mews (see blog of December 2016) was at the fountainhead of the Cercle Français.  For 10/6d you could attend a course of 30 lectures on literature given by the man himself.

Source: The British Newspaper Archive

The French Circle still continues the tradition of providing a series of subscription lectures and talks throughout the winter months.Pasteur Joye had been preaching at the French Church since 1893.  In 1911 he was living at 21 Powis Square with his English wife and 12-yearold daughter Marguerite.  During his years there, it looks as if he added to his income by allowing Mme Joye to look after young lady teachers. 

Source / BnF

[Regency Square, French Reform Church (adjoining the Metropole Hotel).  Services on Sundays at 11am and 3.30pm.  Christian home for lady teachers, information on teaching posts.  Pasteur Joye, teacher at the Municipal Technical College takes in lady boarders for a full course of studies, in English and French.                                                             Foi et vie:  revue de quinzaine, religieuse, morale, littéraire, sociale – 1 janvier 1913]

Pasteur Joye died in Brighton in 1921, aged 69.


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