French Presidential Elections

French voters living in the United Kingdom came down firmly in favour of Emmanuel Macron as their next President.  The French community in Brighton and Hove did not buck the trend.

No official separate figures exist for the Brighton bureau de vote (polling station) held in the Mercure Hotel on Brighton seafront on 7 May 2017.  However, the Honorary Consul for Sussex, le commandant François Jean, is reassuring that the Brighton figures reflect those of the UK as a whole.

M. Emmanuel MACRON (Independent) 51.12% 23,380 voix (votes)
M. François FILLON (Centre right) 24.2% 11,067
M. Jean-Luc MÉLENCHON (Left of left) 11.78%   5,389
M. Benoît HAMON (Socialist) 6.95%   3,177
Mme Marine LE PEN (National Front)   2.86%   1,309

Of the remaining six candidates, only one achieved above 1% of the votes.  Five candidates garnered less than 1% each.  The slightly eccentric right-winger Jacques Cheminade received only 76 votes out of the 43,000 cast in the UK.

The sad news is that French nationals in the UK do not seem keen to exercise their democratic right to vote.  It is generally supposed that only a small proportion of French citizens living in the UK even register to vote.  Of those registered with the French Embassy, only 47% voted two weeks ago.

Slightly more French men and women got themselves out of bed yesterday (7 May) in order to be able to choose between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen in the 2nd round (second tour) of the presidential elections.  Of those 46.800 individuals (barely 50% of the registered voters) just over 95% voted for M. Macron, with Mme Le Pen trailing far behind with a mere 4.8%.  This contrasts markedly with the overall figures in mainland France where the figures were somewhat closer, at 61% and 39% respectively.

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